person_pin Why doesn't it save my progress?

You need to sign-in first; This is how the system attribute your progress to your profile.

person_pin How to use QuizMe Academy?

Connect using Facebook (no worries, we don't save any data other than email other public information). Search for the requested questionnaire - either by searching or by sorting on "All questionnaires" page. Go through the discussion first and when you feel ready start solving the questionnaire.

The system will show you every round different set of questions, sometimes questions you've already answered. This is on purpose, the algorithm showing you more questions you answered wrong and less questions you answered correct. Every time you answer a question (correctly or not) it will update your knowledge score.

The goal is to strive for 100% and complete the questionnaire.

person_pin What are these icons on the question page?

Sun / Moon   brightness_7 brightness_4 - Clicking on the symbol will change the site hue between light and dark. Studies have shown that using bright displays at night can interfere with sleep quality. If you study at QuizMe Academy at night you should turn on the dark mode. We care about quality of sleep you get before the test :)

Text Orientation   format_textdirection_r_to_l - Clicking this button the questions and answers on the page will change their orientation from left-to-right to right-to-left to support languages like Arabic & Hebrew.

person_pin What is the icon that appears when solving the questionnaire?

Shuffle Answers   shuffle - This icon appears only when solving the questionnaire and allows you to shuffle the answers randomly. For example, after clicking on the symbol Answer A will now be in third place and B in first place etc etc ... Some students sometimes prefer the question to be a bit different from the previous time they read it because otherwise they remember the answer by location.

Use shuffle carefully! Sometimes there are answers that say C + D answers are correct - if we have shuffled the order - C and D answers now point to something else! Do not turn it on if there are this kind of answers in your questioner. In addition, after solving the questions and looking at the results, the answers will return to their original place, since there are references in the comments that speak of a specific answer (for example: "I think A is correct") so keep that in mind.

person_pin What are this weird icons next to each question?

Sad Smiley   mood_bad - Report spam. Click it if you encounter offensive content and one of the QuizMe Academy team will come and make the question disappear.

Hammer of Law   gavel - Clicking the hammer will send a request to the quiz owner to change a the question or answers. (For example when there is a mistake in the question or a double question). Pay attention! There is no point in clicking more then once, every user gets one voice. The owner can see all requests. Comments & votes (thumbs) help to decide so vote it's fun! Give credit to useful information in the comments.

person_pin What is a relevancy meter?

it appears next to the question, its values can range from 0 to 1 where 1 is very relevant to the test and 0 is not relevant at all. Each student can vote on whether the question is relevant to the upcoming test or not.

The algorithm is a bit complex but in principle press "-" minus and the meter drops a bit if it is below 0.5. The question is not counted in the test questions and it will not appear in the rounds you solve until two months have passed and it will reset .

person_pin I can not reach 100% in the questionnaire and I am exhausted! What's the reason?

The idea of QuizMe Academy is to practice the questions over and over again until you commit it to memory completely. Sometimes it feels like it's the same questions over and over - it's Murphy's law - it's all in your head. The algorithm keeps track of questions you solved (correctly or not) the more you solve the question correctly the less it will appear and vice versa.

person_pin I swear I was on 90% completion of the questionnaire and now it's on 89% what happened?

It's true that completion rates can go down. If you made a mistake in a question you've already solved correctly the percentage will go down. If you forgot to answer a question before calculating the result the percentage will drop.

person_pin Will it be possible to mark questions in the future so that they do not come back again?

Yes, we think of a way to do it wisely because it can easily upset the balance between learning and just going over questions. We are thinking of a mechanism that will let you mark only some of the questions or a little at a time. Otherwise it will be too easy.

person_pin Can I edit a question?

Yes, the author of the question can edit it. He needs to sign-in navigate to the question instead of a sad smiley (Report Spam) he will see an editing pencil icon.

person_pin Is it possible to edit a comment?

No, and this is "By Design" ...

We've come to the conclusion that people think more carefully about what they write if they can't alter it later. Also for the same reason, unlike Facebook, comments can be punished with a thumbs down.